Toll Free Number: 1800 1234 001
Toll Free Number: 1800 1234 001

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Know more about our services including SITI advantage, TV viewing experience, fastest Internet connection, and much more.

DIGITAL TV Consumer Corner

Today, at SITI Networks we stand high as one of India’s leading digital TV networks. While our feet hold the ground strong with a rich heritage of technological advancement, our heads are soaring high towards the horizon of entertainment world as the most preferred and innovative leader. Please have a glimpse of our SITI fortress!

SITI Networks Advantage

  • Strong pan India presence across 385+ key cities and their adjoining areas
  • Network of 30,000 kilometers of optical and coaxial fiber spread across country
  • Uses STM4 technology that provides robust, redundant and scalable distribution network
  • In-depth knowhow of LCO (Local Cable Operator) landscape and mindset

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Excellent TV Viewing Experience

  • Digital picture quality and sound on digital TV
  • Uninterrupted signals even during bad weather

Bouquet Full of Channels for Everyone

  • More number of channels
  • Capacity of up to 1000 channels
  • Stay updated with local news and events
  • Get a flavour of regional music, videos and movies
  • Wide variety of packages and channels that suit everyone's need

Create your Package


  • Electronic programming guide: Program List + Favourite Channel list
  • Multilingual functions
  • Parental control – block unwanted channels
  • Local city channels
  • Maximum regional channels
  • Broadband (currently only in West Bengal and Delhi)

How to book


  • 24x7 personalized service through centralized call center
  • Service technician in your neighbourhood

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Features SITI Digital DTH
Digital Quality Picture & Sound
Uninterrupted services even during bad weather
Service Technician in your neighbourhood
City specific local channels
Ease of installation (dish not required)
High Channel carrying capacity

We, at SITI Networks are continuously evolving our ways to change the television viewing experience for all by offering superior picture and sound quality on TV sets of any make or age. Our value added services like Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), creating favorite channel list, parental control and multilingual function make the experience personalized and joyful. Cherry on the cake, we also offer local city channels covering local events that are of interest to viewers in a particular city. All you need to do to indulge in this experience is install our SITI Digital Set-Top-Box (STB) on your TV and Go Digital now.

Strengths of SITI Digital TV

Enjoy more channels

Our world of SITI Networks offers a wide array of channels that will redefine your experience with Digital TV forever.


Get ready for superior quality of pictures and crystal clear sound that enhance your entertainment experience like never before.


At SITI, we are consistently upgrading our technology to offer best-in-class viewing experiences. We have shifted to MPEG-4 STBs to enhance picture and sound quality.


Getting started and going on with us is as simple as falling off a log! Follow a few quick steps and enjoy.

Better Interaction

We make sure that a proper communication is maintained between us so that we can serve you better in every way.

Help in Neighborhood

Now you don’t have to wait for hours to get things sorted! Call a nearby SITI Networks Operator and get help at your doorstep.

Analog Cable

SITI Networks brings to your homes 24x7 uninterrupted entertainment and news assuring you wide range of channels with a perfect blend of local and regional content.

SITI Networks provides cable services in India's 385+ key cities and the adjoining areas. The cable TV signal is transmitted to subscribers through 12,000 Local Cable Operators who are also our Business Partners.

SITI Networks distributes its signals through a world-class infrastructure backed with state-of-the art headends and hybrid fiber optic network. This gives your Cable Television reliability even in adverse weather conditions like cloudy weather, heavy rains, storm, fog, etc.